Colour Your World From The Inside Out

Hangeable, Wearable, Inspirational Art

I studied jewellery design for two years many moons ago. Over the last several years I’ve been inspired to upcycle and create jewellery with things like reclaimed wood and seed pods.

Earrings & necklaces

I have a deep appreciation for our natural world and I love the idea of repurposing things whenever possible.  Many of my jewellery pieces are made from natural elements like seed pods.  My favorites include acorns, poppy pods, and mango pits.   I have also used driftwood and cherrywood.  The cherrywood came to me by accident when a hungry raccoon decided to feast on the ripe fruit of our cherry tree and snapped off several branches in the process.  I was taken with the lovely ring lines in the wood and while initially annoyed with the raccoon, have since felt grateful for the new medium with which to explore my creativity.